Our team has the expertise and experience to address the most complex and evolving needs of clients. With an enhanced collaborative approach, we are able to provide you with local attention and national support. Your financial well-being is at the centre of everything we do, and we will tailor our approach to your unique needs. This may include professionals such as accountants, tax and estate lawyers, actuaries, pension experts, as well as Regional Insurance & Estate, Wealth, and Mortgage Planning Specialists.


 Clients receive the highest level of professional advice and personal service. I take pride in the fact that we aim for the very best outcomes for you and your family. 

Steve Gobel, Executive Financial Consultant


 We have set a goal of being a world class financial planning practice and I enjoy the challenge of always improving our processes so that we deliver the very best for clients. 

Raymond Holtforster, Associate Consultant


 We are passionate about building strong, meaningful relationships with our clients. My goal is to ensure you always receive the highest level of service by addressing your needs and providing you with a personal experience that is tailored to your unique needs and preferences. 

Nicole Vidal Hernandez, Business Development Coordinator


 As a team we are committed to increasing financial confidence by leveraging our advice and expertise to create a better future for you and your family, helping you reach your financial goals one step at a time. 

Ben Vantour, Assistant

Our Leadership

Corporate Experts

We have access to Advanced Financial Planning professionals who have the knowledge and experience to address even the most complex situations. They are supported by a team of over 20 CPAs, lawyers and other specialists coast to coast. The Advanced Financial Planning team is lead by the following individuals:

Regional Specialists

Our team works with seasoned regional specialists who can provide additional insight and strategies to enhance your IG Living Plan. Each of them brings a unique perspective to our team.

Insurance and Estate Planning Specialist,
I.G. Insurance Services Inc.