It's been said that we have the luxury of investing and planning for when things go right when we have taken care of the risk of what could happen if things go wrong. The value of the role insurance plays in life has increased for many people. A well-constructed insurance plan can benefit your current financial situation and help reduce the chances of future financial challenges.

As experienced Ottawa financial advisors, we will work with you through an initial insurance-needs-analysis to help you determine your insurance requirements. Then, we will create a unique strategy to protect you and your family’s financial well-being.

  • Manage risk and protect your income Policies for managing risks to your financial plan like life, critical illness or disability are important when protecting your family from an unforeseen loss of income or from unplanned expenses.
  • Protect the value of your estate Insurance does more than protect you. It is also an opportunity to accumulate additional savings for retirement or to leave more of your wealth, tax-free, to the people or causes you care about.