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Welcome to Gobel, Sampson & Associates Private Wealth Management. Our decades of experience provide you with high quality financial advice and exceptional client care. We are proud to serve families with whom we develop strong, lasting relationships.

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Our Approach

With your unique needs in mind, we design a customized financial plan to help you make more optimal decisions that lead to better outcomes for you - whether that’s peace of mind, investing with confidence, saving taxes, maintaining your lifestyle in retirement or sharing your wealth in a meaningful way.

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Who We Serve

We serve high net worth families, professionals, and business owners with a focus on retirees and pre-retirees. Our team-based approach ensures that you and your family always receive holistic advice and a customized personal experience.

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Our Leadership

 When we first started working with Steve, we had no idea he could help us with all of our financial needs. The breadth of the help he has been able to give is impressive. On the one hand he’s helped us with our retirement, estate planning and wills – on the other hand, he’s been working with our two sons who are just starting out with their investments. We realized the importance of starting early so we encouraged our kids to take the advice now. Steve is very professional and credible, and we value having someone we can trust to pay attention to the finances so we can get on with other things. Even when we stood back to take a look at the bigger picture and other options, we still feel this is the right fit for us.

Laura H. & Perry M. - Ottawa, Ontario

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Most people think of life insurance as a necessary expense. It’s something that you almost begrudgingly pay for, in the hope that you’ll never need it, but with the expectation that it will protect your family’s finances, should the worst happen.
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And are you one of the 32,000 Canadians who’ll have to pay it? Many Canadians haven’t heard of the alternative minimum tax (AMT), which isn’t surprising when you discover that only a small percentage of Canadians typically pay AMT annually. The AMT came into the news recently when the federal government announced significant changes to it in the 2023 budget (which will come into effect in 2024). Let’s take a look at what the alternative minimum tax is, how it works, who it might affect and the impact of those changes.
Determining the value of your business is a crucial step when considering selling. The valuation process can be complex, involving both quantitative assessments and qualitative judgments. This article guides medium-sized business owners on how to value their businesses.


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